Our story

Meet Stephanie, the visionary owner of Lavender Spa, whose passion for skincare and commitment to preserving heritage have shaped a unique and profound spa experience at the Taylor-Stace Cottage.

With a rich 30-year career as a therapist and training in both the UK and New Zealand, Stephanie has laid the foundation for a spa that transcends the superficial. Her decision, along with her husband, to acquire and restore Wellington’s oldest house, the Taylor-Stace Cottage, reflects not only an appreciation for history but a deep commitment to preserving heritage.

The opening of Lavender Spa in 2010 was a milestone where Stephanie’s vision for skin health and tranquillity seamlessly merged with the historical essence of the cottage. The aspiration to create a haven of tranquillity within a space that historically offered solace to travellers aligns perfectly with the cottage’s history in Pauatahaui. The serene surroundings provide an authentic escape from the modern world’s hustle and bustle.

The Taylor-Stace Cottage, dating back to 1847, encapsulates the challenges and triumphs that accompany the passage of time. Stephanie and Andrew’s decision to restore the cottage despite difficulties emphasizes their dedication to preserving its historical significance. The cottage’s journey, including its re-purposing into a craft gallery in 1972, adds layers to its diverse history. Stephanie’s vision to transform it into an ideal spa setting beautifully harmonizes with its historical evolution, creating a space for renewal and rejuvenation.

Stephanie’s passion for helping people make informed choices for improved skin and overall health is truly commendable. Her commitment to holistic skincare, backed by a willingness to invest in extra study, serves as an inspiration. Witnessing clients overcome years of skin problems to achieve happiness and confidence is a testament to Stephanie’s expertise and care.
Stephanie and her team’s 4 pillar approach to skincare, focusing on Lifestyle, Nutrition, Skincare, and Treatments, forms a comprehensive and well-rounded strategy. They recognize that daily choices significantly impact the skin, empowering clients with a better understanding of their skin’s needs. This holistic perspective, addressing both external treatments and internal factors like nutrition and lifestyle choices, promises long-lasting improvements in clients’ skin and overall well-being.

Stephanie and her team’s dedication to clients’ happiness and skin health is truly praiseworthy, creating a spa experience that not only rejuvenates the skin but also nourishes the soul within the historical embrace of the Taylor-Stace Cottage

Client testimonials

"What an amazing experience. The wonderful Stephanie and her staff provide a first class caring and relaxing service of five star excellence. Thank you ladies I'll be back."


"After years of struggling with acne and taking harsh medications to suppress it, I came across the Lavender Spa and Skin Clinic online. My skin and overall health have greatly improved thanks to the Lavender Clinic. Anyone with acne or other skin conditions should definitely consider visiting this clinic!"


"Had a wonderful first time experience here. Tessa was great and made me feel really welcome. Amazing, relaxing hot stone massage!! Will definitely be back…"


"What a nice relaxing local venue. Had a full body massage and it was wonderful to lie back and listen to the birds through the open window. Very comparable to spa's in Wellington without the travel. Will definitely be back - Thanks Chrisie for the experience."


"Thank you Stephanie for creating such a beautiful space and making me feel so relaxed and comfortable and beautiful! Look forward to coming in again soon :)"


"I absolutely loved my visit to Lavender spa & skin clinic. Tessa was really lovely and welcoming. Great location, great range of services. Definitely will come again :)"


"Always a lovely experience having a treatment at Lavender Spa. All the staff are friendly, professional and happy to share their wealth of knowledge regarding skincare and treatments. Beautiful products and location, would absolutely recommend to treat yourself or as a voucher for the perfect gift."


"Lavender Spa is my favourite destination for total relaxation, the treatments are beautiful and the location is divine, a stunning spot away from the hustle and bustle of city life"